Monday, July 5, 2010

4th Of July

L-Genius (Mr Peabody Records)

Al Greer (WKKC Radio 89.3fm - Chicago)
We'll being we had plenty invites to various parties going on, I decided to stay south and go hang and check out a Backyard BBQ/Party spun by L-Genius(Mr Peabody Records) And Al Greer (WKKC-Chicago). Many in Chicago may remember Al from the "Whispers in the Dark" show on WKKC. Now he's running a show titled "Bedtime Stories" whereas he plays music that will put you to bed but not to sleep. L-Genius is employed here as our "Go To" man here at Mr. Peabody Records. His knowledge and passion for music is astounding. What can you expect being the nephew of a Chicago legend, The late Richard Pegue who ran a popular radio show here titled: The Best Music Of You Life. If you all remember him referring to an individual named "junior" sitting in the studio, then your already familiar with L-Genius. You can catch Al on Sundays on WKKC-Chicago 89.3fm 8pm til midnight. You can also catch L-Genius spinning a very popular steppers/dusties set at the Taste Disco (63rd & Lowe) Friday's After 6pm. A special shout out to Chris & his wife for opening their home up. The food was bomb and the drinks were killer!

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