Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dusty Record Convention (Chicago) - Nov 2010 - Honoring Richard Pegue, Another Great Night Out..

Once again we have another installment Of The Chicago Dusty Record Convention/Richard Pegue Memorial Party. I'd have to say the highlight of the night was catching a glimpse of the legendary Gene Chandler doing his thin on stage. The "Duke Of Earl" was in full effect. That guy moves better than me! It was a pleasure to meet him and get a pic and along with so many more people and many new faces. Definately a party not to be missed as I said 6 months ago. The Dj's were Ray Nea (WKKC-FM) , Tyrone Cannon (Ohio), & Al Greer (WKKC-FM). They played some serious soul that evening ON A SERIOUS SOUND SYSTEM provided by Chicago's Own Earnest L.

(Gene Chandler / Top Photo - Right)
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More About Richard Pegue:

Richard Pegue was born in Chicago to a beautician and a policeman. His father died in the line of duty when he was only two years old. Pegue would go on to develop a strong career in radio. This career began at age eleven, when Pegue's grandmother gave him a reel-to-reel tape recorder for his birthday. By sixteen, he was using his recorder to D.J. at dances at South Side schools. He even formed a doo-wop group, the Belvederes, at Hirsch High School. After graduating in 1961, Pegue worked bagging groceries at Del Farm Foods and selling records at Met Music. While working both jobs, Pegue still found time to attend radio broadcasting classes at Columbia College. Pegue continued performing doo-wop with a group called the Norvells. In 1965, Pegue wrote and produced "I'm Not Ready to Settle Down." Performed by the Cheers, the song still enjoys radio airplay today. In 1968, he became the music director at WVON. When WVON was sold in 1975, Pegue found work at various radio stations in Chicago and Northwest Indiana, including WOPA and WGCI, where he worked as a program director and fill-in disc jockey. In 1987, he returned to WGCI and facilitated a popular format change to urban oldies, or dusties. He stayed with the station for thirteen years. Then in 1993, Pegue began appearing every Friday at a Chicago dance club called Taste Entertainment, where he developed a following. In 1996, Pegue attended a movie with his wife, Sevina, and suffered a stroke. He spent six months recovering before recovering enough to work. In 2000, Pegue returned to WVON. By the mid 2000's Richard Joined his DJ friends AL GREER, LAMONT WATTS, RAY NEAL AND PJ WILLIS AT WKKC 89.3 FM Where continued to play the best music of your life un Saturday nights at midnight. Sadly to announce, RICHARD PEGUE passed away on MARCH 3 2009 at JACKSON PARK HOSPITAL. To all fans please feel free to post your comments and thank you for supporting THE BEST MUSIC OF YOUR LIFE. REST IN PEACE RICHARD. YOUR FRIENDS PJ WILLIS, AL GREER, TYRONE CANNON & RAY NEAL

Richard Pegue Wesite

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Peabody Trademark Hour Show #002 w/ Mark Grusane, Mike Cole & L-Genius

Here's another episode of the Mr Peabody Records Trademark Hour - show #002 - brought to you by Store Owners - Mark Grusane & Mike Cole - (On-Air) Support from L-Genius. New boogie music from the master tapes of the beige archives.