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"We're Always On The Hunt For Odd And Interesting Titles"

For Over 15 Years Now, Mark Grusane & Mike Cole of what is now Mr. Peabody Records in Chicago have been a vast music resource for D.J.'s, Producers, Collectors, Rare Music Compilers, and stores all around the world. Their store and personal selections have attracted attention from real music lovers. Their idea to open Mr. Peabody Records was to snare selections for there unique style of playing music for dance floor crowds and also to provide an outlet for others that collect music. Years before, they were trading on the Underground to mostly those " In The Know".

They are world renoun for their selections and unique style of play. They play quality music from the yesteryears up til modern times. Their style of play spans from the rare & rarely unplayed dance music from the 1970's coming through to the 80's, Off course, with a few modern day exceptions - But, let them be the judge of that.... The dance floor material they are known for spans across many genres. Many describe some of them today as Disco, Boogie, Modern Soul, Funk, Jazz Fusion, House, Club, New Wave, Garage, Mid-Tempo, Up-Tempo, etc...But more importantly, It's how Mr. Peabody Records put their music together for crowds eager to hear something different and new. Their style is like no other, definitely geared for crowds of sophistication, lavish, and even venturing off into the wild and experimental! Whatever it is quoting Mark & Mike, "It's Gonna Sound Damn Good".

Now teamed up with london's powerhouse BBE Music & Germany's - Rush Hour Recordings, expect Mark & Mike to be bringing those hidden gems to the forefront of dance floors all around the world.Their style can unmistakingly not be denied by real music lovers. Be sure to check out their release "The Real Sound Of Chicago" On BBE Music direct from london, And "Time And Space" - A new age cosmic house selection avaliable on Rush Hour Recordings direct from Germany. Both will be available in a store near you.

Cash Paid For Vinyl Records - We Buy Records Daily

If you have a Record Collection, we would like to give you Ca$h for it. The more records the better. Condition must be perfect to near perfect. Lp's must have original sleeves and "unscratched". Don't worry about the dust, we'll clean them!! If you have 45's, they must be perfect to near perfect as well, which means NO SCRATCHES. We buy anywhere along the lines of Soul, Jazz, Funk, Disco, Rock, Blues, House, And World Music. We will travel for large collection. We pay top price, Hands Down.

Important: If "Some" of your records have been purchased before you call us, we probably won't find much, so make sure the records you are selling have not been seen by anyone else!!!

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Mr Peabody Records
11832 S. Western Ave.
Chicago Il. 60643
(773) 881-9299
Mon-Sat 12:30 - 7pm
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