Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dollar Disco @ Smart Bar w/ Mr Peabody Records Jan 19th

Dollar Disco @ Smart Bar - Chicago
w/ Mr Peabody Records Feb 19th
Dj's Mark Grusane, Mike Cole

Sponsored By: Gramaphone Records

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Peabody Radio Show #005

Another installation featuring Mark Grusane & Jeff Black. Featuring new material from Lono Brazil, and our newest compilation The Real Sound Of Chicago and Beyond (BBE).

Monday, August 1, 2011

Now Available - The Real Sound Of Chicago & Beyond (BBE Music)

Compiled By Mr Peabody Records - The CD Info Is Below, Don't Forget To By The Vinyl Version Of This Release For The Alternate Takes And Edits!

CD1 Chicago:

01. The Moore Brothers - I Want To Marry You
02. Crystal Wind - It Ain't Easy
03. Oscar Strickland - Changing With The Times
04. Sun Sect feat. Pam - She's Hot
05. Sheila Hutchinson-Whitt - A New You In '82
06. Lady Gwendolyn - Shout!!
07. Nedra - Get Up And Dance
08. Dan Boadi And The African Internationals - Play That Funky Music
09. Conway Brothers – Turn It Up
10. Kenny Wells - What You Got Left For Love

CD2 Beyond:
01. Elouise Burrell - It's Alright
02. Vanatti - I've Got To Break Away (Instrumental)
03. Clive Stevens - CHEGA
04. Hot Pepper - Cancion Ritual
05. Total Eclipse - Disco Boogie
06. Nadie La Fonde - Three Way Situation
07. Nate Williams - Mugged By Love (Instrumental)
08. Lily Fields – Lover
09. The Energy Comission - I Only Have Eyes For You
10. SpaceArk - Do What You Can Do
11. Judy Clayton - Loves Gonna Find You (Mr Peabody Re-Adjusted Edit)
12. Jaisun - I Fall In Love Everyday
13. Kurtis Scott - Build (Pt.1 & 2)

Chicago. A place celebrated the world over for the talent of its musicians spanning across countless genres of music. You name it---Soul, Funk, Rock, Jazz, Blues, etc. In modern times, Chicago’s Dance floors have had a worldwide reputation for House music; it’s a sound that has pretty much reached to areas all across the globe. Yet, in the early developmental stages of the Chicago Dance era (mid-late 1970’s to early 1980’s), there were scores of musicians recording Dance music, hoping to be the next mainstream success story. As it goes, for the artists in this compilation---it didn’t quite turn out that way. Budget problems, the politics of the time, being told, “I don’t like it”, or simply having the door slammed in their face, is what many of these artists were faced with instead. Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that the musicianship that these artists possessed by far equals---even defined---the infinite status of what today’s market calls “Good Music”.
For over a decade now, we, Mark Grusane and Mike Cole, have been distributing rare Dance gems across the globe. Being the music enthusiasts that we are, we opted to bring the art of record collecting to a higher level. So, 7 years ago, while the both of us were walking down the street ‘talking vinyl’, we decided to open a record store. Thus, Mr. Peabody Records was born. Now…that name doesn’t quite fit two Black guys from the south side of Chicago according to some folks’ equation, but according to our math---it would work. And it did. As a result, we’ve spent many years travelling to various destinations, home and abroad, in an effort to snare every possible unique vinyl gem we could get our hands on. To support this massive record collecting habit, we would sell widely diverse and eclectic assortments of collectible vinyl globally to fellow vinyl-heads who shamelessly shared this same addictive passion. Being both vintage collectors as well as dance-floor DJs, our selections gravitate toward rare and un-played Dance material from the past, with of course a few modern day exceptions. Warning: We are pretty strict in our programming, so expect nothing but the best. Originally, this series of RSOC compilations was to be the musical insight from the Black underground Dance material made in Chicago. But after further thought we decided to provide Dance music from all around the world as well, since we did not want to limit ourselves in the scope of what we present, as we are well versed with Dance music on a global scale. We know that you, the listeners and lovers of good music, will appreciate and love these selections from areas outside Chicago as well. It is also important to us that those non-native Chicagoan artists receive their just dues as well. So, without further ado, we at Mr. Peabody Records, and BBE, present to you: THE REAL SOUND OF CHICAGO & BEYOND!

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Chicago Soul Legends Party w/ WHPK @ Mr Peabody Records

It's that time again ! Join the WHPK Thursday Night Dusties Party DJs (Andy,King George and "the Amazing Michelle",Gary,PJ,Ray,and Andre) for our annual event.
Great food,(courtesy of Hollywood Wings and Olivia's Soul Food) special guests and plenty of dusty music, spinnin' all day long !

A $10.00 donation is required, and will be credited towards a vinyl or CD purchase.

Saturday July 30th
1-6pm @ Mr. Peabody Records
11832 S. Western

Visit Our facebook Invite Page

For more info,tune in to "The Dusties Party"
Thursdays 9pm-midnight (cst) on http://whpk.org/ and iTunes

Our Commercial Spot

Thanks to Paula from Groove Parlor TV for spear-heading this for us. You'll be sure to be seeing it in the future. Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

$1.00 Vinyl Blowout Weekender Is Back...

The time of the year is here everyone. By popular demand we are thowing our Annual Vinyl Blowout. 45,000+ Records will be marked down to just $1.00 - 1 Weekend Only - Sat, Sun - 23rd & 24th. The sale is for In Store Only.. Early Arrival Suggested!

Mr Peabody Records
11832 S. Western Ave
Chicago Il. 60643