Friday, July 23, 2010

Chicago Soul Legends Party @ Mr Peabody Records

We kicked of our Chicago Soul Legends (Pt1) meet and greet this past Saturday. We had the pleasure of having Ruby Andrews, Doris Lindsey (Barbara & The Uniques), Lorenzo Johnson (The Steelers), Rick Evans (The Artistics),Brunswick Records very own Willie Henderson and a host of many others stop by for the day. Thanks to the WHPK DJ's (PJ Willis, Gary Tyson, Ray Hayne) for coming thru and giving a fabulous set, Many good & rare tunes played by all. While we were there, we decided to do a live stream broadcast of the web. If you missed it, make sure you don't next time! Check Out Some Of The Photo's:

Ruby Andrews (Zodiac Records) & Willie Henderson (Brunswick Records)

Preston McCaffe (Worked With Various Artist Including Chuck Benard & Ruby Andrews)

Lorenzo Johnson (The Steelers)

Gary Tyson (WHPK)

Doris Lindsey (Barbara & The Uniques) & PJ Willis (WKKC)

Rick Evans (The Artistics)

Richard Pegue III (Son Of The Late DJ Richard Pegue - The Best Music Of Your Life)

Earlene Jones (Daughter Of Rodney Jones/R&B Time - Tuff Records)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Set Sail - Matt Stackswell Modern Soul

Here's a Modern Soul Mix From Matt Stackswell (Washington). All Private Modern Soul/Jazz. Cool times when he makes it to the shop while in town.

From the words of Matt:Private label jazz & modern soul mix. No release date [198?]. There is some water damage on the cover from what looks to be red wine, and there is some sand inside the jacket. Nothing but smooth sailing from start to finish.

Listen Here:

Monday, July 5, 2010

4th Of July

L-Genius (Mr Peabody Records)

Al Greer (WKKC Radio 89.3fm - Chicago)
We'll being we had plenty invites to various parties going on, I decided to stay south and go hang and check out a Backyard BBQ/Party spun by L-Genius(Mr Peabody Records) And Al Greer (WKKC-Chicago). Many in Chicago may remember Al from the "Whispers in the Dark" show on WKKC. Now he's running a show titled "Bedtime Stories" whereas he plays music that will put you to bed but not to sleep. L-Genius is employed here as our "Go To" man here at Mr. Peabody Records. His knowledge and passion for music is astounding. What can you expect being the nephew of a Chicago legend, The late Richard Pegue who ran a popular radio show here titled: The Best Music Of You Life. If you all remember him referring to an individual named "junior" sitting in the studio, then your already familiar with L-Genius. You can catch Al on Sundays on WKKC-Chicago 89.3fm 8pm til midnight. You can also catch L-Genius spinning a very popular steppers/dusties set at the Taste Disco (63rd & Lowe) Friday's After 6pm. A special shout out to Chris & his wife for opening their home up. The food was bomb and the drinks were killer!

Boogie Electonique w/ Mr Peabody Records

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The Real Sound Of Chicago Goes To Oakland, CA - April 30th

This was a fun get away as our guy's Murray The Magnificent & Darryl Diggs (Formerly from Chicago Now California Natives) have dug in and set up what is now one of the premier afterhour sets in Oakland. THE LIFT TICKET. We flew out, check out the sites, and did a little shopping. Didn't have time to make it to any record stores tho. I will say that the grass is much greener out that way. Met alot of cool people, thanks to Murray for bringing us over and also damon bell & cali chris for bringing us out. If your in Cali be sure to know those in the know so you can make it to this private event. Here are some of the photos.

Mike Cole (Mr Peabody Records)

Mark Grusane (Mr Peabody Records)

Looking At Historic Memorabilia

Darryl Diggs & Murray The Magnificent

Damon Bell

Cali Chris