Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Midnight Sun Soul Band - Chicago

Being that Sunday is literally our only off day, it's the time whereas the Peabody crew gets to get out and about and see whats happening. I gotta speak up on an awesome band who's home is right here in Chi-town. Robert Collazo (Midnight Sun Band Member),a friend of ours who we originally met as a customer, hipped me to this spot where he play's weekly. Honestly it took me awhile to make it there but when I finally did, I was hooked. I check them out semi-regularly whenever time permits. Even ran into Eric Johnson (Drummer) who we've known for quite some time as well. If you like sounds such as Earth Wind & Fire, Kool & The Gang, Motown, Kay-gees, etc. Midnight Sun doesn't miss a beat or a note.... Early arrival suggested, Last time I stepped in, had the pleasure of hearing a guest appearance Cicero Blake who is a Chicago legend and also in the world of record collecting, has many titles sought after by record collectors worldwide. One being "You Gonna Be Sorry" on the Mar-V-Lus label out of Chicago. Back to Midnight Sun... What I'm talking about here is a big soul band. Complete with keys, Guitars, Percussion Area, Drummers, Excellent vocalist And full horn section. These guys and gals are, and have been established life long musicians/artist, which it shows. 5 stars if you ask me... Click their website link below to see their history and band members. Be sure to check their schedule to see when they're in a area near you.. Here are some more pics..

The full list of band members are as follows:

Isiah Mitchell - Lead Vocals & Percussion,
Bruno Thompson - Guitar & Vocals, Dave Brooks -Bass Guitar & Vocals
Maurice Johnson - Keyboards & Vocals
Ray Glower - Keyboards
Marqueal Jordan - Sax & Vocals
Robert Callazo - Sax, Vocals & Percussion
Doug Corcoran - Trumpet, Vocals & Percussion
Eric Johnson - Drums
Khari Parker - Drums
Chris Miskel - Drums
James Knowles - Drums
Hamisi Jackson - Drums
Walter White - Percussion
Shauntia Flemming - Vocals
Angela Martin - Vocals

Check Them Out On Sundays:

A Touch Of The Past
947 Mannheim Rd.
Bellwood, IL
Every Sunday

-Mark G

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mr Peabody's Annual Vinyl Liquidation Blowout $1.00 Sale

You Want It You Got It - 2 Days Only - This Saturday & Sunday. Entire Store On Mark Down. $30,000+ Records Will Be Marked Down To $1.00 - We've Gotta Make Room. We also Will Have Food So Come Get Something To Eat

Friday, June 11, 2010

Disco Unusual Social Club/BBE Music/Mr Peabody Records PRESENTS The Real Sound Of Chicago Release Party

Had a good time this night as our fellow friend and supporter Lono Brazil took time to set this up with us at his Monthly Disco Unusual Social Club Event at Danny's -Chicago. We had plenty of fun and the night was a blast. You can check him out monthly as he travels through Chicago for his international traveling moving disco party. Click here to check out Lono Brazil's Disco Unusual Social Club:

Check Out The Video Footage From The Night:

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Memorial Dusty Record Convention celebrating the legacy of Richard Pegue

St. Elizabeth Hall - Chicago - Saturday -March 6, 2010

Soul lovers, here's an event we went to that is thrown on a yearly bases. This past year was different than all the previous years being that The late great Chicago legendary DJ Richard Pegue Had Past On. We were invinted by some close friends L Genius (Jr.) - Mr Peabody Records (Staff & Pegue Nephew) & Cynthia Bean (Steppers Internet Connection - Chicago). I had the pleasure of meeting his widow Ms. Pegue along with a host of many others.

Richard Pegue (1943 - 2009)

On the decks they had Ray Neal (WKKC), Al Greer (WKKC), King George (WHPK), PJ Willis (WKKC), Tyrone Cannon (Cincinnatti, OH). This event was a serious 1960's-1970's throwback to Soul. The best music of your life. Artistics, Lost Generation, Notations, Ruby Andrews and Linda Jones were only a few out of many serious tunes played that night. Much food and fun, let's say I had to get outta there before I lost my footing, lol... Definately worth checking out if you in Chicago around that time. For more info and more photos click here to check out the Dusty Record Convention Website