Thursday, June 10, 2010

Memorial Dusty Record Convention celebrating the legacy of Richard Pegue

St. Elizabeth Hall - Chicago - Saturday -March 6, 2010

Soul lovers, here's an event we went to that is thrown on a yearly bases. This past year was different than all the previous years being that The late great Chicago legendary DJ Richard Pegue Had Past On. We were invinted by some close friends L Genius (Jr.) - Mr Peabody Records (Staff & Pegue Nephew) & Cynthia Bean (Steppers Internet Connection - Chicago). I had the pleasure of meeting his widow Ms. Pegue along with a host of many others.

Richard Pegue (1943 - 2009)

On the decks they had Ray Neal (WKKC), Al Greer (WKKC), King George (WHPK), PJ Willis (WKKC), Tyrone Cannon (Cincinnatti, OH). This event was a serious 1960's-1970's throwback to Soul. The best music of your life. Artistics, Lost Generation, Notations, Ruby Andrews and Linda Jones were only a few out of many serious tunes played that night. Much food and fun, let's say I had to get outta there before I lost my footing, lol... Definately worth checking out if you in Chicago around that time. For more info and more photos click here to check out the Dusty Record Convention Website

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